David Wilco Drew

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Director Business Development

David Wilco Drew is a Frankfurt, German-based entrepreneur with years of experience in supply-chains, market development and legislation. He is a Co-Founder of AgriproteinNetwork Proximity and Evo Sat C2C Communications. For GESLabs he assists in driving EU GMP supply chains of cannabinoid APIs, legal compliance and business development.

Hans Wollman

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Director  Sales & Markets

Hans Wollman is Frankfurt, Germany based with wealth of experience in natural products for animal nutrition, personal care, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals with EU Good Manufacturing Practise supply-chains. He is currently acting as the General Manager for Döhler GmbH as well as being a Co-Founder and Manager of Agriprotein. Hans provides a unique role for GESLabs in developing off-take streams into Germany and the EU.

Loré Botha

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Loré Botha is an entrepreneur and qualified chemical engineer passionate about developing cannabinoid-based, eco-certified products. She has more 2 years experience in licensed commercial medical cannabis production in product formulation and customer relations. She is the founder and owner of HempLove, a South African-based cannabis brand that has been featured in Vogue UK and springboarded her brand to international status within 8 months of being born.

Sarah Van Niekerk

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Director Social Responsibility

Sarah Van Niekerk focusses on strategic business development within the cannabis industry. She is focussed on strategic decision making for business development and resource handling. Sarah is a Director and Co-founder of OGCT, a hemp-based company in Cape Town, South Africa.

Peter-William Nel

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Peter-William Nel is an entrepreneur and qualified chemical engineer with more than 3 years experience in African licensed commercial medical cannabis extraction, refining, isolation and formulation technologies in Southern Africa and utilises those novel skills in afro-botanicals. He has assisted in  production design, commission and model implementation. He has also developed and manufactured Africa-developed processing technologies into the African space.

Francois Swan

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Director Finances

Francois Swan is an entrepreneur and qualified financial accountant developing the African cannabis industry by connecting farmers, manufacturers and retailers to facilitate synergetic and sustainable development. Francois is particularly important to GESLabs in supply chain development. Owner of The Roots Movement, Associate of Chia Growers Zimbabwe and Associate of Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust (ZHIT).

Carl Gustav Hugo

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Director Operations

Gustav ensures that GESlabs operational mandates are executed practically and in line with our core principles of sustainable development in the African cannabis space. He has a direct and creative approach to solving issues at hand and functions as an integral member of our team. Compliance, responsibilities and organisational synergy is what Gustav applies his skills to GESLabs.

James De Beer

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Director Technical 

James is a qualified chemical engineer from Cape Town, South Africa. James focusses on the innovation of cannabinoid extraction technologies and processes. He is particularly skilled in data modelling and optimisation through machine learning. 

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