Our vision is to deliver ethically sourced and quality-assured cGMP  botanical ingredients and actives to the nutraceutical, personal care, dietary and pharmaceutical sectors derived from African-sourced botanicals. 

To implement EU Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) in afro-botanical processing with complete transparent supply chains. Utilising Afro-centric processing models, technology and product development methods.


To supply the pharmaceutical industry with cost-effective, high-quality APIs from compliant and ethically sourced cultivators in Africa. 

To deliver exceedingly high quality extracts through GESLabs IP-based bespoke manufacturing laboratory designed for quality and consistency. The GESLabs team has developed an innovative manufacturing scale and technology choice to mitigate the inverse relationships between quality, scale and consistency.

We connect communities, businesses and international expertise for successful, profitable and sustainable projects throughout the continent and globally. Our team focusses on utilising local resources to meet international standards.

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