Invegrow Malawi

Cannabis Sativa with love from Malawi. Invegrow is Malawi's first Cannabis Sativa project taking initiative since 2016 to introduce, evaluate and develop Africa's cannabis-based value chain from the heart of Africa, Malawi. 

Food, cosmetics, textiles and nutraceuticals are within Invegrow's scope of development from a cultivation to end-product supply chain. 

  • R&D laboratory

  • Cellulose & Textile Value-Addition

  • Skilled personnel training 

  • Model development

  • Compliance assistance

  • Scaling development

  • Technical development


Invegrow and GES developed their relationship in late 2017 as collaborators in developing the Cannabis supply chain in Africa. From cellulose to cannabinoids, GES and Invegrow have collaborated on innovating together for value addition through local research & development.

GES assists Invegrow with on-going technical support for their projects and GES has since 2017 designed, commissioned and installed Invegrow's cannabinoid extraction and isolation pilot-scale laboratory in Malawi.

  • CBD-infused coffee beans

  • Cold bred CBD infused coffee


Canna Coffee Company

Hemp Infused coffee. The Canna Coffee Company takes the finest coffee beans roasted in the traditional Italian blend of Arabica and Robusta Beans infused with hemp CBD. 

This is a low acidic while potent, creamy coffee with long lasting aromatic flavours. Each serving of coffee allowing for a wonderful experience of coffee drinking and relaxation. 


In 2018, Canna Coffee Founders approached GES for a reliable source of CBD for their coffee infusion and roasting process.

Today, GES is assisting in the development of Canna Coffee's cold brew CBD-infused beverage for the South African market to be enjoyed on the go!

MG Health Lesotho

MG Health Lesotho has developed a leading medical cannabis facility that is vertically integrated in the Kingdom of Lesotho, an independent monarchy, located within the borders of South Africa, and the first African country to implement medical cannabis legislation in compliance with UN drug control conventions.

MG Health produces pharmaceutical grade products derived from cannabis, hemp and other natural products. MG Health holds a license for the cultivation, extraction, manufacture and export of intermediate and final products produced under GMP-compliance.

  • R&D laboratory

  • Skilled personnel training 

  • Product Development

  • Technical development


Late 2018, MG Health made contact with GES to assist in the development of their state-of-the-art pilot manufacturing laboratory for the development of their EU GMP pharmaceutical-grade facility. MG Health has grown into one of the worlds leading industrial-scale medical cannabis producers and is uniquely positioned as a vertically integrated company.

GES is proud to be have an ongoing relationship and share the journey with MG Health breaking down barriers and putting African medical cannabis on the map.

  • Genetics for pharmaceutical extracts

  • Genetics for wellness markets

  • Genetics for disease specific products

  • Financial modelling on strain to product

  • Strain-specific model development

  • Genetic development for markets

  • Genetic development for Africa

Hempvolution Basque Country

Lets Hemp the World!

Hempvolution are cannabis growers, seed breeders and genetic developers for medical cannabis cultivars based in Africa out of Basque Country.

Hempvolution are passionate about cultivating and developing their own Cannabis varieties, promising that quality is always the most important objective.

A passionate team about delivering quality cannabis genetics to Africa. They are driven to ensuring registred access to high quality stable genetics!


Early 2018, GES and Hempvolution made contact through collaboration in Africa. Since then, Hempvolution has been the genetic partner of GES. through the extraction development and genetic development we were able to come together and identify specific genetics market and product application

This key genetic selection for the end goal ensures sustainability and profitability. Through our research, it has shown that the wrong genetic choice for your market could be detrimental to the profitability of the business

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