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GESLabs is a world-class active ingredient extraction company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We manufacture and supply bulk world-class active pharmaceutical ingredients for the global markets. Founded in 2018 by a group of professionals specialised in the field of herbal extraction we have designed and built some of the most successful botanical processing laboratories in Southern Africa. We are a dynamic team focused on innovation and sustainable development. 

As of 2020, we have relocated to a facility perfectly situated in the Western Cape of South Africa where are in the process of GMP-accreditation processors extraction, manufacture, export and distribution of naturally derived API's and products.


The area is surrounded by an abundance ethically sourced afro-botanicals to process in our manufacturing laboratory using GMP quality principles. 

We have brought together an expert experienced team not only to ensure the alleviation of ailments with our products but to be a supportive industry vehicle that develops the industry for the future.

Our global team is based in South Africa, Zimbabwe and EU and are involved in projects throughout Africa. We operate using a collaborative approach with "soil to oil" principles to ensure traceability.

We design and implement processing chains to deliver high quality bulk ingredients for end-products in the nutraceutical, cosmetic, dietary and pharmaceutical industries.

GESLabs works within a global network of industry experts and has extensive experience botanical processing

Our team is committed to true sustainable development: Economic Viability; Environmental Protection and Social Equity. GESLabs streamlines their projects and collaborations in Southern Africa with local communities in education, job creation and community entrepreneurship using by-products and products from projects. 

GESLabs manufacturing facility supports local farmers and acts as a viable, compliant and committed vehicle for local farmers to sell their harvest.

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